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In the Bible the word consecration is defined as “the separation of oneself from things that are unclean, especially anything that would contaminate one’s relationship with a perfect God.” Consecration can also be thought of as sanctification, holiness, or purity.



The importance of being consecrated or pure in our relationship with Yah is related in an incident in the book of Joshua. After forty years in the wilderness, the children of Israel were near the edge of the Jordan and about to cross over to the Promised Land. They were  given a wonderful command and promise: “Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you’” Joshua 3:5. Fabulous! 



“The Lord will do amazing things among you”. This is Yah’s promise to us today. This is a promise we must keep in mind as we see our lives grow and unfold as consecrated multimillionaires in the Kingdom.



“Real praise and worship is being the Purpose you were meant to be.”  



Apostle B. Dwayne Hardin



 When we are living in Divine Providence where God is always with us, the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us to work out God’s purpose in our lives. Our perpetual response should be praise, worship and thanksgiving.  Purpose for Kingdom Multimillionaires is critical. The scientific support for Purpose was shown by Collins and Porras and  reported in their book,”Built to Last”. They found that businesses guided by Purpose rather than money returned six times more to shareholders than explicitly profit-driven companies. They say, “There is an eminently down-to-earth reason why purpose matters to every organization. If it does not have a definable purpose, it cannot measure progress towards it. In the abstract, measures are arbitrary and unhelpful. Purpose dictates appropriate measures and measures give manageability, the capacity to learn and improve.”



“If you want to be good at something, you must consecrate yourself to it.” 



Apostle B. Dwayne Hardin



Design a simple context for your life… the Kingdom and the Divine Purpose for you and your family.  Consecrate yourself to both. This will create a strong  mindset. The many cares of the world can be left to themselves while your light consistently influences those worldly issues.  Your life will be extremely peaceful and fulfilling.



Peter Diamandis asks, “What mindset have you chosen to develop? What mindset  are you utilizing to overcome hardship, to inspire your team and to attract the capital and resources required”? He states, “My belief is that as entrepreneurs, we need to carefully choose our mindsets, and surround ourselves with the colleagues and data that reinforce those mindsets, every day and throughout the year.”



Let’s take a minute to consider some advantages  of a Kingdom and Purpose mindset;  peace, order, direction, confidence, power and unbelievable achievement. You will enjoy peace because of the simplicity of your concerns and your assurance that you are on Yah’s path for your life. You will enjoy order, again because of the simplicity of your concerns and the ability to organize your life under your two main umbrellas…the Kingdom and Your Purpose. You will enjoy direction because as you remain consistent and committed, your path will become clearer and clearer. You will enjoy confidence because of the victories you will experience as you move in your Purpose. You will enjoy power because of the power guaranteed to you as a consecrated citizen of Yah’s Kingdom. As a result of your commitment and consistency you will achieve things that you have never thought possible.



“You must consecrate yourself for dominion.”



Apostle B. Dwayne Hardin


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