“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
Jim Rohn

 The Holy Bible

“Capitalist Nigger”, Chika Onyeani

“Prophetic Whirlwind”, Onlielove Chika Alston

 “20 Small Business Directives: Do or Die”, Doris Perdue Johnson

“The One Thing You Need To Know”,
Marcus Buckingham

“The Fourth Dimension” Dr. Paul Cho


“Built to Last”. Collins and Porras

“The Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner”
Dr. Paul Cho

“Innovation and Entrepreneurship”
Peter Drucker

“The Most Successful Small Business in the World” Michael Gerber

“The Order of Melchizedek” Dr. Francis Myles



“Abundance”, Diamandis and Kotler

“Principles of Leadership, The Harvey Leadership Model”, Dr. William R. Harvey

“The Extreme Future”, James Canton

“Future Smart”, James Canton

“The Art Of Innovation”, Tom Kelley

“Non-Obvious”, Rohit Bhargava

“The Fifth Discipline” Peter Senge



Strategic Management

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Clarify Your Vision For 5, 10, or Twenty Years Into The Future.

Analyze specific components of your long range Vision.

Create a Management Strategy


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Talent Acqusition

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Hire The Best People For Growing Your Enterprise.

Avoid Legal Traps When Hiring And Bad Hires

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Performance Management

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Design Measurements and Controls For Consistency And Excellence Across All Business Functions

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