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About Our Training

This training is designed for business Founders with a Vision to build a major business. The training process will include videos, readings, lectures, case study analysis, short quizzes and a final quiz. Group discussions, a chat bot, a facebook page, a twitter page, and one on one counseling will be provided. Each of these vehicles will increase each participants level of understanding and participation. You will be certified as a Master Founder.

You will have a blue print for your Business Development. Therefore, it is best to take this course before you begin your business. This knowledge along with what you know about your industry, finance, and marketing will set you for sure success. A workbook is available on Amazon  that can serve as your Executive File and Master Plan. You will have a clearer idea of what building and sustaining a major business will require of you. Focused and consistent work (hard work) will be required for a successful business. Just know this up front! In this training and in your business you will need to spend time thinking and doing. A successful business architecture will require lots of thinking and writing or documentation. This will be the blueprint for your business.  Following the blueprint as precisely as possible, not deviating, will take you to success. Small changes may be indicated, but the blueprint must be the Boss. Assuming you understand everything in the courses, the only problem might be the new set of habits required.  The major habit required is the habit of thinking and planning. Executives of large businesses spend a lot of time thinking and projecting. A major business Founder must do the same. This training will definitely help you build a fortified Business Architecture for extended success.


Courses Offered

Core Ideology
Vision and Strategic Management

Talent Acquisition

Systems Development

Training and Coaching

Performance Management

Change and Innovation Management

Conflict Management

Organization Communications

Meetings Management

Project Management

Data Management



Chika Onyeani

“The battle for the accumulation of money and wealth is a battle that needs the greatest amount of preparation and the possession of enough knowledge to ensure victory.”

Successful Founders Build Major Businesses

You must understand that it takes the same amount of time to start a small business as it takes to build a major one.
- Chika Onyeani

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