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About the Founder

To Teach Time-Tested
And State-of-the-Art
Leadership And Management Skills
To This Generation Of Major Business Owners


DorisP.Johnson MS.Ed, Founder

I am passionate about helping businesses grow and prosper. We now have available to us, the compiled results of many years of scientific research that describes the best skills to practice for successful business development. These skills have been proven over and over again to make business sustainable and profitable. At GeniusCore, I want to guide as many businesses as possible through this heavily researched procedure. My focus is on the organization development side of business management. I have more than 20 years experience in Training and Management Development. As a perpetual strategist, I am constantly researching state of the art business skills that grow business and I am anxious to share this information with our people. This is an exciting venture for me and I am getting prepared to grow a list of successful startups that grew to big businesses with assistance from GeniusCore. My research has resulted in the discovery of a foolproof process for designing and directing a successful enterprise. I’m always checking current research to stay ahead of the discipline. My focus is largely on building major businesses. That is, businesses with 100 or more employees. The procedures would work with smaller enterprises, of course, but my emphasis is on building large and growing companies.

Our culture is in dire need of large industries.

“The battle for the accumulation of money and wealth is a battle that needs

the greatest a amount of preparation and the possession

of enough knowledge to ensure victory.” China Onyeani

We have the talent to create useful and innovative products and services. Now is the time to act. A researched based method is all we need. The goal is to help business Founders stay on a proven path to building legacy businesses. Businesses that can be handed down to succeeding generations. I have spent years in management training and I have owned my own business. I can’t say that my business was a huge success, but it was a deep learning experience. I was working as a management trainer when my husband and I started the business. Much of what I learned while teaching helped us enjoy the success we achieved. However, with hindsight and constant research, I see so many things we did wrong. My constant research gives me good reference when analyzing business effectiveness and efficiency. I am fully aware of time-tested and state-of-the-art procedures that bring success in this contemporary environment. I am so excited about being able to help my brothers and sisters take the place in society that large black-owned businesses will provide. I’m currently designing an on-line course for Founders. I will be sure to let everyone know when it is ready. It’s our time to soar!

“And they shall rebuild the old ruins,
They shall raise up the former desolations and they shall repair the cities,
The desolations of many generations” Isaiah 61:4


My Story

“This Information Age allows us to learn about anything that interests us. All we have to do is to put in the work that’s required of the occupation that we choose. This phenomenal ability to learn anything through computer searches, is what inspired me to complete extensive research in the areas of business management and business success. I enjoyed almost ten years as a management trainer for the state of Georgia. At the time, we were using a highly acclaimed management program developed by Ken Henning, a distinguished professor of the University of Georgia. The program was entitled the Certified Public Manager program (CPM). The purpose of the program is to advance “best management” practices throughout the public, private and non-profit fields. A selected set of competencies were designed and continually updated and has helped to establish professional management practices throughout the country. The CPM program is presently being taught in many Universities and state governments. This was by far, the most fulfilling job I have ever had. We were training managers, in significant capacities, how to make their responsibilities simpler, fairer and more objective. We always received high praise and appreciation from the trainees. This was the start of my journey.

My Mission

My Mission/Purpose is to teach state-of -art and time-tested Management and Leadership skills to this generation of Major Business Founders.

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 “And they shall krebuild the old ruins,

They shall raise up the former desolations,

And they shall repair the ruined cities,

The desolations of many generations.” Isaiah 61:4 NKJV


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