Business Architecture Courses

These courses build upon each other to help you design the business of your dreams. You will be able to design important aspects of your enterprise with  a comprehensive knowledge of your business plus how to lead and manage it through phenomenal success and growth .

Core Ideology

This course will help you gain the perspective of a major business builder. You understand the importance of becoming committed to a Core Ideology that will drive your business for years to come. You will be able to design your unique  Core Ideology.

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Talent Acquisition

You will learn the state-of-the art method for choosing employees for your business. You will design a process from writing position descriptions to the actual hiring process. You will hire with assurance and control.

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Training and Coaching

In this course, You will learn the critical importance of effective training and coaching. You will learn the most efficient ways to train and coach your employees. You will design a successful method for carrying out this function in your business.

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Change and Innovations Management

This course helps you understand the importance of Innovation and Change Management. You will be introduced to skill sets and state-of-arts processes for the management of these critical processes. 

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Organization Communication

This course will help you understand best communication practices. You will also become aware of hindrances to communication and you will design various communication devices.

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Project Management

You will understand the role of project management. You will design processes for communication and motivation and set guideline for measurement and control of objectives.

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Vision and Strategic Management

You will understand how your future Vision helps build your Strategic Management strategy. You will be able to project your business 10, 15, or 20 years from now. You will design a strategy that will be practical and appealing to investors .


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Systems Development

lIf you plan to grow a major business, you must have efficient and effective Systems in place. You will be able to design the appropriate Systems for your business.

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Performance Management

In this course, you will understand various methods of performance management. You will be able to design standards and measurements of performance in your business.

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Conflict Management and Problem Solving

Business growth includes conflicts and problems. You will acquire skills needed to resolve conflict and solve problems to grow your business. You will design methods before you need them.

Coming in Level IV

Meetings Management

You will understand the role and value  of meetings in your business growth strategy. You will design steps for reliant meetings and you will design measurements to test meeting effectiveness.

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Data Analysis

You will understand how data analytics can boost your business growth. You will be able to design a method for using several state-of-the-art tools to help you measure and control your growing business.

Coming in Level IV

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